Give your iPhone(or any smartphone) a boost!

An iPhone can be any powerful man’s gadget. Posing 1960s style James Bond tech and a huge price tag, it is bound to end up on your favorite celebrity’s lap. But they got cash to spend on an upcoming generation and you probably are stuck with an iPhone 5. Over time it loses its value,lustre and in the end the buttery smooth performance it once used to have. So what can you do to prevent it? Well, scroll down and the Oracle shall explain to you the prophecy of iPhone sluggishness.


Now,keep in mind. I’m in no way an Apple sheep or an android fanboy. I’m just a lone techie trying to make your iPhone work better. Mind you, most of these steps work for an android or windows phone too. So keep reading.Working or not,ill still be putting up more tech tips like this. So stay tuned!

Update your software!

Apple is probably the only company that keeps releasing OS updates and security patches for its older generation phones. An iPhone 5 and 5c can run iOS 10 as of now! That’s an insane shelf life for a product which was released in Q3 2012!


Here,lemme tell you a secret formula- OS updates+app updates = silky smooth performance. Get it?

Disabling animations

Animations and parallax effects may look cool AF. But they are nowhere near battery friendly nor processor sipping. They suck up your processor juice like a fat kid drinks cola. So take that small step and be sure its gonna be a giant leap for your iDevice performance.

Restart your phone routinely

Restarting your phone forces it to close all running apps and clears up your cache. I don’t care if you restart once a week or once in 4 days. Just restart it once a while. Mind you, cache is an integral part of your software experience,so make your routine of restarting your phone accordingly. I recommend a once a week trend.


Reset your phone

I get it. You get hooked up in a lot of stuff on your phone you rarely think how it feels. Is it crying? Tired? Maybe it wouldn’t if you give it a vacation by clearing all data every 6 months! It makes your phone feel fresh and you are gonna get that out of the box experience. Do back up your files somewhere though. You don’t want to lose your cat pictures.